12. Sunforest – Overture to the Sun


Well this song made me a sucker for music from the middle ages for ages. First I started a band called Knight Music because of this obsession. I want a cembalo now. I have to have one. And a horn. This is the cembalo song of cembalo songs. And the horn song of horn songs. When I hear this song I wonder why someone hasn’t invented the time machine so I can go back there to party with them when they wrote this classic. WTF. Cembalo is by far the best instrument. I go crazy when I hear it. U know that the cembalo was created before the piano right? And horn, how good isn’t that? I wish more music was made on these beautifully sounding instruments. If you have a cembalo or a middle age horn you’re not using at the moment, could we please borrow them?

Sunforest – Overture to the Sun

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Posted on: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013